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Fashion Jewelry Collection

My first love was jewelry. It came before makeup, shoes and purses. It started in middle school. I fell in love with jewelry because it was one of the few things I could change up every day. (I had to wear a uniform every day up until college). There were some limitations. Earrings couldn’t be bigger than a quarter, not too many items at a time, etc. These limitations shaped my taste. I wore really dainty items most of the time.

This first collection is all about daintiness. They can be worn everyday: at work, school, etc. It will be available May 17, 2021.

All jewelry purchased will come in a gift box. Size and color of box depends on the quantity & size of items. If you’d like different boxes for the items leave the instructions in the comment box at checkout.

I sourced a majority of this jewelry from two other small businesses:

  • Queen Bri
    • Instagram: @queenbri_n_b
  • Stir of Beauty
    • Instagram: @stirofbeauty
    • Website:
  • LC Glam Shop
    • Instagram: lc.glamshop